About Me

I’m a self confessed yarnaholic and crafter and I’ve been crafting from a very young age when my mum taught me to knit.  My family have all knitted, sewed and stitched as long as I can remember, from when everyone had “to make do and mend”.    My Granny once knitting a glove with a thumb and five fingers so we have always been a bit maverick and creative. 

Knitting has provided an opportunity to take time away from technology and bring some mindfulness to this every busy world.

I have always been drawn to vivid colours and how they can lift moods and provide confidence to project to the outside world.

The North East of Scotland is a beautiful corner of the country with many mountains, beaches, castles and wide open spaces.  This environment provides an ever changing colour palette and inspiration.

Dyeing yarn allows me to indulge my love for both colour and yarn and I hope that you will join me on this yarny adventure.

Louise x