Knit Pro “Ginger” Cables for interchangeable needles

“Ginger” cables will complement any of the ginger range of knit pro products, but are interchangeable with any of the knit pro range.

Please note that the total length if you attach it to a tunisian crochet hook will be shorter than the details shown.

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Flexible cables which do not kink or twist.  These have a smooth join to the needles and comes with a tightener.  If you like to have many projects on the go the 2 end caps can be screwed on the cable ends keeping the work safe, if you want to utilise the needles elsewhere.

Pack contains 1 cable, 2 end caps and 1 key.

Please note that the length denotes the final length with the interchangeable needles attached and not the length of the cable.

Cable 20cm makes 40cm total circular needle

28cm makes 50cm total circular needle

35cm makes 60cm total circular needle

56cm makes 80cm total circular needle

76cm makes 100cm total circular needle

Additional information

Weight 25 g
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 2 cm

40cm, 50cm, 60cm, 80cm, 100cm