Knit Pro Lace Blocking Wires


A must for all fibre crafters.  Set of 15 Stainless steel blocking wires from Knit Pro.

Blocking knits, especially lace patterns is essential to show off all of the intricate details and these are an essential tool to do that task.

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Pack of 15 stainless steel Lace Blocking Wires with 20 T-Pins from Knit Pro.

Slip the wire through the edges of your lace project and place T-Pins along the inside of the wires to hold them in place while the lace dries.

All wires are stainless steel and rust proof.

Pack contains:
6 wires of 95cm
6 wires of 50cm
3 flexible wires of 95cm
20 T-Pins
1 measuring tape