Clover Amour crochet hook set


Clover Amour crochet hook set.

Available in either

  • small from 0.60mm to 1.75mm (set of 7 hooks with caps)
  • large from 2.00mm to 6.00mm (set of 9 hooks)


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Clover’s Amour crochet hooks have different coloured handles to identify the sizes.

The soft, non-slip handle is easy to grip, reducing hand fatigue. The three-dimensional curves on the grip fit your fingertips naturally, this prevents you from gripping the hook unnecessarily tightly, stopping your hand from getting tired easily.

The handles are made of an elastomer rubber and the perfectly formed hooks are made of aluminium. Each hook is approximately 14cm (5.5″) long.

We stock two different sets

Small which contains 7 crochet hooks + caps in sizes:
0.60mm / No. 12 – Pink
0.75mm / No. 10 – Light Blue
0.90mm / No. 8 – Light Blue / Green
1.00mm / No. 6 – Light Purple
1.25mm / No. 4 – Peach
1.50mm / No. 2 – Light Yellow
1.75mm / No. 0 – Light Green

Large which contains 9 crochet hooks in sizes:
2.00mm – Light Green
2.50mm – Yellow
3.00mm – Orange
3.50mm – Red
4.00mm – Purple
4.50mm – Turquoise
5.00mm – Blue
5.50mm – Green
6.00mm – Brown

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