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What’s in a name?

What's in a name? - Viaduct

You may have noticed that my yarns have names that you may find unusual.  I am proud to have grown up in Cullen and the Moray Firth is a wee gem of an area, you must visit if you can.  When faced with the daunting prospect of selecting names for the semi solid colours I have drawn on the street names of town that I grew up in and the surrounding area, looking at maps for inspiration and learning a bit more about the local history.  

Robert the Bruce has connections to the town, his wife, Elizabeth de Burgh died in Cullen in 1327 and the townsfolk ensured her body was sent to Dunfermline Abbey for burial, with the organs being interred in Cullen Old Kirk, resulting in an annual payment to the Old Kirk.

Looking at the list of occupations from 1842 along with fishermen, crofters, and servants I was surprised to see 27 shoemakers, 28 seamstresses and 17 tailors.  They must have been very well dressed in olden times!

So feast your eyes on the following named after local lords and ladies:

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Putting both feet in the water

Putting both feet in the water - Beach

Growing up near the coast I saw the power and the beauty in the sea every day. The colours of the sea constantly change and that is what makes it so inspiring. Over the years I have thought about doing something with my creative side and was going to “dip my toe in the water”, but my friends and family have convinced me that I should just go for it “jumping in feet first.”

This is a massive learning curve for me, not only understanding the dyeing process, but also building a website and getting to grips with advertising. A big change from being an accountant !

I’m launching on the 9th of December in Cullen at the Three Kings Association Christmas Craft Fair and I hope that you can come along to say hello.