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How much yarn do I need ?

You’ve spotted the perfect skein in your local yarn shop (LYS) or yarn show and you have to buy it – It’s an essential purchase obviously!!

Now the dilemma of how much to buy and what you are going to make with it. One of the questions that I keep hearing at yarn shows is “how much do I need?” and it can delay the purchase and possibly lose that perfect skein to someone else.

Different blends of fibres will have different meterages and it is important to not only check the weight of the fibre but also the length in each skein.  For example the 4ply 100g skeins can vary from 365m to 425m in length. If this is for a mid calf sock or an asymmetric shawl then it can be adjusted easily, by varying the number of repeats but other patterns may not have that flexibility to adapt to different skein lengths.  No-one likes a game of yarn chicken after spending hours on a project.

If you are a Ravelry user, every pattern denotes the length making it easy to identify yarn requirements for each item size.  As they are online, it also makes it easy to check on the go.

The information provided on Bow Fiddle Yarns labels show both the weight and meterage so you will know whether there is sufficient Blue Faced Leicester or Alpaca for your project for example.

I’ve also been reviewing a few patterns that I have listed in my Ravelry library to provide ranges required for different types of projects, such as hats, socks, shawls etc which are perfect for those hand dyed yarns.  The yarn requirement list is saved in the FAQ section.

Before you buy that skein, please check the pattern yarn requirements to ensure that you have enough – remember this list is only a guideline and gauge and stitch pattern can have an impact on yarn usage.

Most of all if you love that skein, then the ideal pattern can be found. 

Happy knitting

Louise x